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A. About Question Paper

(i) Examination will be held in two days. There would be 90 minutes session of examination for two papers as per the details given here under:

Day Of Exam Subject Medium Of Questions No. of Questions Time
Day-1 Business Environment and Entrepreneurship (BEE)   (Paper Code - 311) English and Hindi 50 Qns. of TWO marks each Composite time of 90 minutes for both papers (45 minutes in case of exemption in one paper)
Business Management, Ethics and Communication (BMEC)   (Paper Code – 312) English Only 50 Qns. of TWO marks each
Day-2 Business Economics (BE)   (Paper Code – 313) English and Hindi 50 Qns. of TWO marks each Composite time of 90 minutes for both papers (45 minutes in case of exemption in one paper)
Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing (FAA)   (Paper Code – 314) English and Hindi 50 Qns. of TWO marks each

(ii) Candidates are required to secure a minimum of 40% marks in each paper separately and 50% marks in aggregate of all the papers put together to ‘Pass’ Foundation Programme Examination.

(iii) There is no Negative Marking for wrong answers.

B. General Instructions

(i) Before starting the examination, candidates shall verify their Name, Roll No, Registration No., Photograph and Signature on their computer screen with the details provided in their ADMIT CARD.

(ii) Upon Invigilator’s instruction, click on the “APPEAR” button to access the Instruction Sheet. In case of any doubt or question about functioning of the Exam Window, candidates may seek advice/guidance from the Invigilator on duty before the commencement of examination. No query/ies shall be entertained after the commencement of examination.

(iii) Do not close the Exam Window or try to restart the system at the Examination Centre.

(iv) All questions are compulsory and carry TWO marks each. Maximum time allowed is 90 minutes for two papers (45 minutes in case of exemption in one paper).

(v) Each question is followed by four alternative answers marked as A, B, C and D. The candidate shall choose the most appropriate answer to each question and mark the same through click of mouse against the appropriate answer. Chosen answer will be highlighted and will automatically be saved. The questions may be answered in any order within the stipulated examination time.

(vi) Candidates can make changes in their answer already chosen/marked by simply clicking the other answer option of their choice at any time before conclusion of examination or before clicking “FINISH” Button.

(vii) Candidates shall not click “DONE” button followed by three warnings with “FINISH” button until they have completed their examination in all respects. Examination shall not re-start once “FINISH” button is clicked.

(viii) Countdown clock will start on commencement of examination and the same will be displayed on the top right hand corner of the Exam Window for the remaining time available to a candidate for the Examination.

(ix) Before conclusion of examination, the candidates can use the “Bookmark” option by clicking on “BOOKMARK” button, if they wish to review or revisit the question later.

(x) In case of restarting / crashing of computer due to technical reasons, immediately report the same to the Invigilator on duty. Answers already marked and time of the examination will be saved and the candidate will be able to resume the examination from the exact point that last appeared before him/her.

(xi) Candidates shall sign the Attendance Sheet and after conclusion of examination obtain signature of the Invigilator on the Admit Card.

(xii) If any candidate wishes to take a bio break, he/she can do so after 30 minutes of commencement of the examination. However, the timer on the Exam Computer would continue to tick and the candidate would not be given any additional time to compensate for the time loss during the bio break. It is in their own interest that the candidates may limit their bio breaks to the minimum to avoid any loss of time.

(xiii) Carrying of mobile/cellular phones, Ipad, palmtop, pager, books, printed or handwritten material, pieces of paper, electronic diaries, watch alarms, listening devices and recording or photographic devices or any kind of communication device/gadget, etc. are banned inside the examination premises. However, noiseless and cordless pocket calculator of six functions, 12-digits and two memories will be allowed.

(xiv) Candidate’s eligibility to appear in any paper(s) shall be subject to the provisions of the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982, as in force.

C. Working on Examination Window

(i) Start The Test -> CLICK -> Display of Exam Window

(ii) Only one question will be displayed on the Exam Window at a time.

(iii) Candidates can mark their answers by placing cursor on any one of four alternative answers to each question and clicking through mouse there at. Chosen answer option will be highlighted.

(iv) Candidates can change their answer to any question by clicking at the new answer option (Radio Button) before “FINISH” of the examination.

(v) Candidates can answer question in any order and can navigate between questions either by clicking on ”Previous”/ “Next” button or by directly clicking on the question numbers which are displayed in the Paper-wise Summary panel available on the left side of the Exam Window.

(vi) Every particular question answered by the candidate will be displayed in GREEN color on the Summary panel. The questions that are not attempted and not book marked for review will be displayed without any color. Questions Attempted and Book marked for review will be highlighted in RED and those which are not attempted but Book marked for Review will be displayed in YELLOW.

D. Examination Submission

(i) “DONE” button shall be clicked by the candidates only when they have completed and wish to finish their examination. The “DONE” button will be visible at the Right Hand Bottom Corner of the Exam Window and the same will only be enabled after 45 minutes of commencement of the Examination.

(ii) After completion of the examination, candidates can click “DONE” button followed by three warnings with “FINISH” button to submit the examination. After conclusion of examination timing, system will automatically save, finish and submit the examination.

(iii) No candidate shall be permitted to leave the examination prior to the expiry of 45 minutes of commencement of the examination.

(iv) In case any candidate wrongly clicks the “DONE” button, warning screens will be displayed; and he/she can return to the question paper by clicking “Go to Examination”. There are three such warnings – WARNING-1, WARNING-2 and WARNING-3 with “FINISH” button.

(v) Candidates shall remain cautious while clicking “FINISH” button and warnings. On clicking the “FINISH” button after “Final Warning”, examination will be completed, finished and submitted. After submission of examination, it shall not re-start at all and answer marked by the candidate shall be considered for purposes of result.

(vi) A “Thank you” message will appear confirming the completion, finishing and submission of the examination.

(vii) Candidates may give their feedback by filling “FEEDBACK FORM” available on their system after submission of their examination.

E. Rough Sheet:

(i) A Rough Sheet will be provided to the candidates for carrying out rough work, calculations, etc. during the examination. Candidates are required to mention their Name, Roll Number, Registration Number, Exam Date and Batch Time on the Rough Sheet.

(ii) Rough Sheet needs to be returned to the Invigilator before leaving the Exam Hall/Room/Lab.

F. Candidates may be debarred / disqualified from the examination for any of the following reasons:

(i) Attempting to take the examination for someone else, i.e. Impersonation;

(ii) Giving or receiving assistance of any kind during the examination or communicating in any way with other candidates or with outsiders.

(iii) Tampering / attempt to tamper with computer system or posing hindrance in the smooth conduct of the examination.

(iv) Leaving the examination centre without the permission of the invigilator.

(v) Using prohibited aids or carrying banned items in the examination premises/room/hall/lab, such as - Cell phones, Ipad, palmtop, book, handwritten or printed paper, blank pieces of paper, electronic diaries, watch alarms, listening devices and recording or photographic devices, etc.

(vi) Attempting to copy examination questions and /or examination responses (in any format) from the Examination centre.

The Proctor is authorized to dismiss or debar a candidate from the examination centre for any misconduct by the candidates.